Website Launch – Press Release

Bluedog Capital Partners, LLC has launched its new website: The new site, offers quick and easy access to fundamental information about Bluedog Capital Partners, LLC, and was designed to share the company’s passion for real estate with real estate sponsors, investors, attorneys, accountants, and borrowers alike.

The website boasts a modern, simple design and is divided into three sections: real estate holdings, lending, and alternative investments. Each page is visually stimulating and provides detailed information on all three aspects of the business.

“It is time to take our web presence to the next level,” said Sean N. Marchionte, Principal of Bluedog Capital Partners, LLC, “This site reflects the thinking and efforts of the Bluedog team, as well as our commitment to being open and accessible to our investor partners.”

Bluedog Capital Partners is a boutique real estate investment firm located in the financial district of Providence, Rhode Island. Founded in 2001 by Sean N. Marchionte and Richard R. Tasca, Bluedog has built its portfolio of business through commercial real estate debt and equity investments ranging from single-family to large-scale commercial development.

The members of Bluedog Capital Partners have a combined 57 years if experience in the real estate industry as capital investors, property owners and managers. Bluedog and its members control a portfolio of assets valued in excess of $100 million.